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Re: What age did you start . . .

Originally Posted by sesa70
our pediatricians have always been really pushy about the solids issue.
Our Family doc tried to be pushy about solids. When our big boy (born 9lb 8oz) was 4 months and consistently at 120% of weight chart, he said -- you'll probably have to start feeding him cereal to keep up. But when I successfully, and quite easily raised him on nothin but mamma's milk until he was 8 months, Doc backed off. Since then he has been super supportive with our other two as far as feeding goes. DD has her 6 month next week, and although he'll ask if we've started solids, I will happily say, nope.

The truth of the matter is, I'm kind of lazy about it. BF is so easy, no prep work involved. When we do decide to start solids, I'll have to start thinking ahead for her meals and try to remember how much of this and how much of that and if I fed her too many carrots and sweet potatoes or if she just has that rosy orange glow because she got too much sun
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