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Re: Whos nursing a toddler(s)?

Still on demand for Aleah at 14 months and she still night nurses. With her signing milk and using "titty" it helps. She's also started bringing her Boppy pillow to me when she's ready...that started around 2 months ago.

We intend to do CLW at this point and I'm completely willing to tandem nurse if we have another child. Luckily we have some really great support for both CLW and tandem in our midwives.

...but it's an adventure and so misunderstood by others. My dd is on the bigger side and we get a lot of funny looks NIPing. I usually just give them a funny look's not like my boob is hanging out.
SAHM to Aleah 7.18.2006, nursling for 22 months!
and Donavan 11.18.2008, h2o@home - still nursing strong!
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