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Re: HELP!! 4mo old EBF DD allergic to all things dairy :(

The whole replacing dairy thing can be hard especially if you're not used to it!
I used to be vegan for a couple years, and don't eat much dairy now either so I hopefully can offer a few suggestions And I've had to eliminate it right now because of ds's excema, along with wheat, soy, and refined sugar, wah!

As for milk substitutes you can go with soy milk, rice milk, almond milk which you can all buy in the tetra pack form. You can also make almond milk by buzzing up some almonds with water in the blender. I know some people can get away with goat milk, but in your case it sounds like probably not.

I find all the milk substitutes great for replacing milk in cooking, baking, or eating with cereal, but I don't actually drink them on there own (never liked to drink cow milk anyways, I think it tastes icky). I know lots of people do, and I think it's just a matter of milk is a lot thicker than rice milk so for some it's a consistency thing, but I think the rice milk tastes kinda better. Some brands taste better than others, I like Vitasoy for soy milk and Rice Dream for rice milk.
I find all of them taste yucky in coffee so I've just decided to drink it black

There are a lot of tasty soy ice creams out there that taste great, even better than regular ice cream to me! There's rice ice cream but I didn't like it.

Cheese is a tough one, most of the non-dairy cheese is pretty yuck, and contains a milk protein anyways called casein so I don't know if that would be okay to eat or not.
Tofu can be used as a cheese replacement in a lot of things such as lasagna (firm tofu) or to make puddings with (soft tofu) and if prepared with the right seasonings you can't even tell!

Butter can usually be replaced with an oil of some sort in baking or I kmow there are some canola oil margarines you can get out there now. Unfortunately some of these are hydrogenated

And the good news is you can still eat chocolate, just dark chocolate which has no dairy like milk and white chocolate do

I'd recommend maybe buying a good vegan cookbook which can give you lots of ideas. How It All Vegan! and The Garden of Vegan are two good ones I have (same authors). I'm sure there are good specifically non dairy cookbooks out there too.

Sorry I'm not giving many brand ideas, but I'm in Canada and I know a lot of stuff might be different.

Okay, I've blabbed on enough now but if you have any questions about anything feel free to PM me
~Shannon ~
Mama to Tristan (3) & princess Phoebe (13 months)

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