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Re: labour?

I was induced with my first, but went into labor on my own with my second. With him, I had braxton-hicks contractions ALL day (which was pretty normal, but they were even more frequent than normal - which they were pretty darn frequent anyway) and I went shopping for last minute baby stuff (she had just gotten in from out of town)...around 7p, the contractions starting having a little twinge of pain at the end of them...I thought, hmm...that's weird...oh well, I'll keep an eye on it. They were 4-6 min apart. I was also crampy and just feeling blech. I went to bed and had a hard time relaxing..took a bath (as I knew that's what they'd tell me to do if I called the ob)...they didn't go away, but I figured...well, I'll go to bed and if they wake me up...then I'll know something's up. I woke up at like 4:07 with a really painful contraction - no denying it. I thought..well, I'll wait it out and see how they go...went to the bathroom and it looked like I started AF...**freaked** me out. Woke dh up and we went to the hospital...they were going to send me home since my contractions weren't really very close (or intense they said, but they didn't have the monitor on right, because if you ask me - they were intense! But I was dilating and effacing, going home for me)..they were only 4-6 min apart though..and stayed that way until I delivered..they were all shocked that I delivered with contractions that far apart?

Anyway...that was a lot longer than I originally intended...I had tons of braxton hicks from 20 weeks...and my ob said that there's no way to know it's labor unless you go in to be checked...but...he told me to wait until they were: regularly close together (every 'x' min, rather than sometimes 5 min apart, sometimes 20 min, etc), painful (or pretty uncomfortable), & they won't go away with a warm bath.
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