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Re: C-section moms, please help me. :)

I'm getting ready to have my 3rd planned C-section and have never experienced what you are talking about. Any place that's healing will itch for a bit and any time nerves are cut there will be a little numbness from time to time (like my big toe was operated on and if I run my finger back and forth down my toe it feels funny still but doesn't ever bother me), but I can't believe how many of you have had issues like these! I have been told by nurses that I have an excellent doctor who does the best incisions and really knows what he's doing. Maybe that's the difference. I want to have all my kids before this guy retires because he is GREAT and I recover SO quickly from my C-sections.

I really don't think it's "normal" to be in major discomfort every day. I'd definitely check out another dr. My friend just had a laparoscopy on Monday to get rid of what they thought was endo (she was in a ton of pain) but really she just had so much scar tissue from her emergency c-section 3 years ago that there were adhesions sticking all of her internal organs together! They haven't been able to conceive in over a year and the dr said it was a good thing or when her uterus started to expand, she could have had major internal bleeding since everything was all stuck together! The dr who did her c/s had only been practicing for 6 months before her surgery. It's so hard to put your body in the hands of a stranger. Research drs and ask around for one like mine!!!

And coming from someone who can't possibly do a vaginal birth, a good dr will make a c-section quite pleasant too! My friend's OB pushed her legs back so hard when she was delivering her first that he bruised her pelvic bone and she couldn't walk for almost a week!!! I was up and walking before her with my c/s! So if you can't do a VBAC, it's not the end of the world. You may be pleasantly surprised what a good C-section recovery is like! Best of luck with everything!!!
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