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Had my first appt - how about the other April mamas?

I had my first OB appointment today - all the regular stuff, everything is totally fine. We didn't get to hear the heartbeat, but that is not unusual this early, so my OB just said "Oh, we'll hear it next time!". My OB's office is small (just him, 2 nurses & receptionist), so they were really excited to see me back again w/ baby #3. I have had 2 really easy, uneventful pg's previously, so they said it was nice to have someone in who'll have an easy pregnancy, as they've had quite a few difficult ones recently! Everything matched up to my dates, so we're on track for end of April. I had to laugh - I'm nothing if not consistent - my weight was exactly what it was with my other 2 pregnancies at the same point. So overall a good appointment - looking forward to the next one when we can hear the hb!

How's everyone else's appointments going?
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