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Red face *Another* vax thread-Need help for aptmt today at 3:30!

We have so far vaccinated on schedule with Riley but I'm starting to wonder...he's due for his MMR tomorrow and I'm thinking of delaying it. I will for sure delay or just not get his chicken pox one, although it is required for school here, I believe.
What schedules do you follow for your vaccinations and do you have any websites or book suggestions that aren't super biased? I want good information without all the scare tactics or ignoring the facts, kwim???
I'm reading a book by Randall Nuestaedter that I think is very anti-vax. There must be a middle ground with this issue and I'd really like to find it.
Can any one help? I'm not looking for this to turn into something ugly, I'm just looking for some information.
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