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Re: What do I ask a midwife?

I actually emailed my midwife this list of questions... (for a planned homebirth)

1. what is included in the fees? what will i need to provide?
2. at what point in my labor will you or your assistant come to my home?
3. what is your hospital transfer rate?
4. How many clients do you have due in any 4 week period, and what is the plan if I go into labor while you're with another laboring client?
5. What is your back-up system during pregnancy and labor—when you go on vacation, are sick or with another mother?
6. Have you ever missed a birth? If so, what were the circumstances?
7. Are you available 24 hours a day at all times?
8. Do you allow the mother to go past 42 weeks and still have a homebirth?
9. Under what circumstances do you transfer to hospital?
10. What is your Cesarean rate? What are the most common reasons?
11. What would be the plan of action if a transfer to hospital were necessary?
12. What care would you give me if I need to transfer?
13. Would you stay with me in the hospital? In the operating room? For how long after the birth?
14. What happens if my perineum needs stitching/suturing?
15. Do you help with cleanup?
16. How long do you stay after the birth?

17/ How do I obtain the baby's birth certificate?
18. How often do you come to see me after I give birth?
19. What do these visits include?
20. How often will I visit you after the birth?
21. What do these visits include?
22. Why are they important?
23. Do you examine the baby at any or all of your visits?
24. What does the examination include?
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