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Re: C-section moms, please help me. :)

I've had 2 c-sections and a VBA2C. My scar still itches sometimes even though my last c-section was almost 4 years ago. I would, however, get a second opinion if i were you on your itching since it makes you so uncomfortable. Another thing is to try to keep the area dry. Some people get yeast where their scar is because their skin falls over it and the area stays moist from sweat, etc.

As far as VBAC is concerned, go for it. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after having my third child! The place I found the best support regarding anything c-section and VBAC related is the ICAN(International Cesarean Awareness- list. Those ladies are a fountain of support and information.

Hang in there & I hope you feel better soon!!!

Mom to Zoe 2000, Ian 2002 & Beatrice 2005 (My Vba2c baby!!!!)
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