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Re: How long can I solely BF?

Hi, I have to say thank you so much for posting this question!!! I have been wondering the same thing but my DD's pedi said to start from 4-6 months. She is now 6 months and we aren't ready at all. Sadly I've started giving her rice cereal and she threw it up every time I gave it to her. Then I tried oatmeal cereal and she can handle it a little better. She's just not wanting to nurse that much since I started trying her on solids. She is a chunker with out adding solids to the mix. She is 20+ lbs now. It really aggravates me when we are eating at my ILs and they try to give her a taste of table foods. It really ticks me off. Even if I say anything to them they say she is old enough to eat. **HELLO....who died and left you in charge????** I really want to NOT feed her solids yet. She could care less a/b them and makes faces when I try her on it. Thanks for all the info and good advice. I'm going against the grain and waiting!!!!
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