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Smile overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?

Ever since our baby dd came in the door, our cat has been in love with her! LOL!
For the first couple months I had to chase her out of the crib, she always wanted to be right next to her. Now she happily sleeps on the changing table next to the crib. If I put dd down for a nap and close the door to her room, the cat will scratch and meow until I let her in, then she happily takes her place watching over the baby

When the baby wakes up she meows and comes to get me. I think its just really cute! Even when I change dd's diap on the changing table (with the cat on it) and dd is batting at and pulling on the cat (I dont of course encourage this behavior but at 5 months she has no concept of gentle yet) the cat just purrs and rubs into dd. I even saw dd whack the toy in the cats direction, drop the toy, and the cat actually pawed it back over to dd!

I must have just gotten lucky. Does anyone else have any sweet animal baby stories to share?
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