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Special needs mamas, ? for you...

I'm sure some of you read my post about my dd. She hasn't been diagnosed yet (Possibly aspergers?, emotional issues, or something else) and we are still finding resources to help her and what the best route would be. Anyway, I have a family member that is supportive, but also doubts there is anything wrong with my dd. Dh and I don't want something to be wrong with her, we just see a lot of things going on with her that don't seem "normal" and we want to get it checked out. This family member has my dd (and other kids) over once a week or more and she says that she is pretty good there and doesn't have a problem. She said that we must see more than she sees. Sometimes I question myself because of this and wondering if we are making a molehill out of nothing. But I really do think something is wrong. I start to doubt myself though. Any of you have this experience?
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