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Re: Special needs mamas, ? for you...

Originally Posted by urchin_grey View Post
But, my family still loves to say that there's nothing wrong with him. They're just in denial. It pisses me off because its like it cheapens what he is able to do, ya know?
Yes, exactly. My son has a rare chromosome disorder (partial trisomy 1), and my MIL is always saying, "There's nothing wrong with that child!" when it is obvious he is delayed. HELLO, he's three months shy of 2 and just started crawling, for crying out loud.

Not that I want something to be wrong with my kid, but you know what I'm talking about. I'm his mother, I'm aware of what he is doing, and I know when something is wrong. Not to mention that he has a diagnosed condition.

Go with your gut. If you think something is off, there is no harm in checking it out. If you're correct, you can start therapies/interventions, which will benefit your daughter immensely. You're doing the right thing.

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