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Re: Special needs mamas, ? for you...

Please stay strong, and trust your instincts.

I listened to both my family and DH's about DD1, for years. I called ECI when she was 18 months old and couldn't sit unassisted, barely crawled etc. She had therapy for a few months and "got better" as far as family and friends cared. I am SO MAD at myself for listening to them, and I feel so stupid when talking to doctors etc about her medical history and having just no acceptable explanation for why we dropped it after ECI until now.

She was delayed but progressing until right after kindergarten, and has done downhill since then. We are finally going through the process of having her evaluated, and instead of it being done easily when she was younger, now she has to miss a lot of school for the testing which may ultimately put her behind her class even more then she already is.

Trust yourself.
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