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Re: Whats wrong with me?

i kind of know how you feel about the BFing....dd is till going strong at 13.5 months and im so tired all the time she nurses almost nonstop at night and i get almost no sleep.......we are preggo with our 2nd also and are planning on doing things different this no cosleeping i just cant do it anymore i need space.....nut i dont think that that-or you not wanting to solely BF- makes either of us a bad mom...we just know now what we do and dont want this time around. people change, opinions and preferences change.........and just to reassure you-i never talked to dd in utero or rubbed my belly, i thought it was wierd but that doesnt mean you arent attched to the baby i just didnt feel like it was "real" til she was out, kwim? i knew she was in there but i have a mentality of "if i cant see it it doesnt exist"
so anyways, pm me anytime you need to talk you arent doing anything bad or wrong
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