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Re: Whats wrong with me?

Mama, so sorry that you are having such emotional turmoil over all of this! I'm sure you went back and forth about even sharing it all. First of all, many, many hugs to you! : ) This is a very hormonal time for you. I remember times of feeling disconneted from my baby during some of my pregnancies but that all passed. I think alot of that has to do with those lovely pregnancy hormones. Also, you are still BF your dd and that can make you feel touched out, overwhelmed and exhausted (at least to me it did!) I nursed ds1throughout my past pregnancy (still am) and I remember feeling overwhelmed at the thought of starting all over with the next one. But it too passed. I never gave it a second thought when he was born. Even if it doesn't pass for you, it'll be alright. I'm totally pro-bf, but I'm also pro-mom. Supplementing won't be the end of the world. Hang in there, mama!
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