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Re: Whats wrong with me?

I cant remember what Doctor (or maybe author?) said it, but they said:

"breastfeeding is a partnership. As soon as one person wants to stop, it's time to let it go. Both individuals should be positive and committed completely; or the chances of negetive feelings just increase."

That's a bit of how I feel. Like if I am really already feeling this stressed at the thought of continuing nursing a new babe for goodness knows how long, then even if I DID do it with the express intention that it was best for them (and I want the best, I really do), would it be worth it in the longrun? Would continuing nursing at the expense of my own satisfaction be worth it for the babys health? I dont know...I just worry about the physiological reprocussions, especially if baby can sense that mama isn't really enjoying the breastfeeding. If that sounds logical at all...

Thank you all for the hugs. I could use about a dozen HUGE ones right now!
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