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Re: Whats wrong with me?

heres my 2 take it as you wish:

selfish isnt the word perse, but along those lines....

only because you gave that GREAT gift to one baby-- why not do it for the next? and thats great even if you pump rather than BF... and if you are that miserable BF then you need to stop-- but you shouldnt not BF the next baby because you "needs a break".

everyone im sure has struggles BF some big, some little... .people BF 1 child at a time or tandem nurse or even pump or give up- we all find ways to make it work for us.

1 thing you cant start out negative-- if you want to stop BF right now- make a honest effort to find a way to stop until next baby comes and then pump, or BF for 1 or both or none- w/e
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