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Re: Whats wrong with me?

I'm sorry you're going through this right now. Personally, I think it's a combination of not having your body to yourself for any period of time in the last 2yrs and the desire to stop BFing! Now you're taking on even more of a commitment by BFing this baby as well, at least another year or two after birth. It would be overwhelming for alot of moms! It was for me and I still have days where it's like "what was I thinking!?" in even WANTING kids!! They drive me absolutely crazy sometimes but when things calm down and we're all a happy family again I can't wait to TTC for #6!!

I like the doctor's quote from the PP and think it's very true! It's not uncommon to wean during pregnancy anyway b/c of the change in milk, contractions for some moms, etc. but it's also acheivable to BF throughout your pregnancy if you want to. I think if you wean through this pregnancy it might make BFing more desirable with the new baby, it will be like a new start.

As far as not feeling a bond with the baby yet, that's also common. Even in the worst of situations you can still find some happiness at some point over the pending birth of your baby, maybe once s/he starts kicking and moving more and it's time to really prepare for the birth things will kick into full gear for you. You WILL get over it, you WILL bond with the baby and things WILL work out!
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