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Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?

I got Mia in July of '03 and Aedan was born in November '03 and even at that young of an age she is very motherly toward him (most of the time). Let's just say she is more of a baby lover than a toddler lover. Aedan never really cried until he was about 3 weeks old...he just kinda squeaked. Anytime he would start making any kind of noise or wiggle around Mia would start whining and trying to stand up on her hind legs to look in the bassinet. She did the same thing when Harley was born, but he wasted no time in crying....actually he came out crying!

Now that Aedan is 2.5 and Harley is 9 months old, Mia tries to stay out of the way a little. She will curl up on the couch with Aedan as long as he is nice to her. She is a Miniature Pinscher and only weighs 5 lbs, but she puts up with a lot of abuse from the boys until she decides she's had enough a goes to hide. They are usually pretty good with her though....I keep a close eye on them, she's my baby too ya know!
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