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Re: which bottles for pumped milk?

We've tried a LOT of different types of bottles with DS, trying to figgure out what he liked once I went back to work. We started out with Gerber bottles because I started with a Gerber manual pump. Those bottles have the big nipples. We got some big Vent-Air bottles too with those same big nipples. DS hates them. He can't get a good latch on them.

We switched to Dr Browns, with the little small nipples, and they work like a dream. I have a Medela pump now, and the little nipples fit in the milk storage bottles, so sometimes he drinks right out of those. Never had a problem with them.

It's really different strokes for different folks though - I know plenty of babies that latch to big nipples better and plenty that latch to little nipples better. Just gotta try out different types with your little one.
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