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Re: Help! Biting!

Originally Posted by babygirls2
Have you got a bead necklace with large colorfull beads? That might help to keep her distracted from other distractions around and keep her mind on nursing and off of biting. My 6 month old just cut in her 2 bottom front teeth and she bit me 2 times. I think the shock of me jerking my boob out of her mouth and screaming...."OUCH"...was enough to stop her. She hasn't tried it today. It seems like she does it more at the end of the feeding when she is full but still wants to nurse. She gets bored and bites....hard....Owwwiiiieeee!!!! GL and maybe she is just going through a phase and she isn't weaning I know how sad I would be in that case!!!

My 8 mo old son does that too. He's got the front 4 teeth now and he bites when he's about done nursing and getting bored. I'm going to have to make a nursing necklace for him I think.

The first couple of times he bit me I jerked back and said "OUCH!!!" but he just laughed at me...*sigh*. Now when he bites I sit him up and say "No Biting!" and sit him on the floor at my feet for about 30 sec, so that he knows that biting = no milk. It seems to be working well - he hasn't bitten me in about 2 weeks.

Good luck mama! Those little teeth are evil!
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