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What to wash hemp inserts in?

Hi ladies,
I tried searching the boards for this but I'm so new, I'm board challenged. Ok, so my issue, I just received my 18 FB's and I ordered 1/2 with microfiber MOE inserts and the other half with hemp inserts. Now, the instructions say I need to wash some magical oil out of them so they absorb. Ok, so wash three times and dry on hot. Now...WHAT DO I WASH THEM WITH? I did two washes already on a small load (I have nine inserts) in hot with about 2TBLSP of Tide Free, a few shakes of baking soda and about a TBLSP of Oxy clean. I'm probably creating some kind of weird chemical reaction in my washing machine. Need some advice? I know there are a billion ways to wash diapers but I need a launching point.

Thank you thank you thank you in advance....
Jen B
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