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Re: It is confirmed! My DS is small.

My first was tall and skinny. At 1 she was above the 95th for height, and 18 lbs. Heavier than your little guy, but she was soooo tall, she looked like a bone rack. The only thing chubby was her cheeks. There wasn't a thing wrong with her either. That was always her curve pattern. So no worries. Now she is 75th for both and has been since about 2 1/2 or 3. She was also walking at 9 months, so being so active added to it. My 8 month old isn't on the chart, but she has major allergy/tummy issues. She started out on the 25th, but has dropped off. So she is little from that. I don't think she will ever wear a large I think the most important thing is that they don't lose weight and maintain a curve. Not which curve. Sounds like your little guy is fine and dandy.
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