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Re: It is confirmed! My DS is small.

Originally Posted by RileysMama
And you ladies thought I was kidding, eh?
We went in for his 12 month visit today and he weighs 16 lbs 4 oz and is 29 3/4 inches long. He's in the 0 % for his weight, 50th for his height.
FRT, there is nothing wrong with him, he's perfectly healthy. He's active and meeting his milestones on schedule. He's just a perfect little thin boy.

Also on another note, we didn't get the MMR and C-pox shots today and the pediatrician was perfectly OK with that and told me to give her a call when I wanted to do them. I'm happy about that.
So anyway, *that* is why I say, when I'm selling all my large diapers, that it doesn't look like my DS will ever need them!
I just wanted to share. Anyone else have a tiny baby? How big were yours at a year and how did they fare as they got older?
Have a good night!!
You won't need em! I agree. My dd was right at that weight at her 1 year bday... she is STILL on the smallest waist snaps for FB's size Medium at 21 months. U can def sell those larges off if you ask me!
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