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Re: Selling Formula Checks?

warning....I'm getting all "admin-y" on this thread

I agree that the comparison between selling coupons from a multibillion dollar company that chooses to send them out to everyone and their dog is different than selling formula provided for needy families. To be honest, I think maybe the formula company should spend a little less on coupons (advertising to paying customers) and a little more on helping needy families...but thats beside the point.

The point is, we have been over this topic in the past and it got downright ugly. Its a simple fact, some see it as wrong, just as many don't. If its a legal issue, leave it between the sellers and the authorities. Since it appears to be legal issue....they can't be sold here on DS, but being sold on ebay isn't our issue (thats for ebay forums....not that we can't discuss it here, we just all need to keep our cool ).

Here on a public message board, we need to be respectful of everyone, even if we disagree.

(ETA: I have no clue what the back of those formula checks say, haven't seen one in a looonngg time lol But, if it is illegal to sell them, we can't allow that here on DS. If you do see it (we don't always catch everything), just use the little "report post feature" and the mods will see it. We'll then kindly ask them not to sell. )

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