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Re: Sheild users and/or sheild advice

I used the shield with my 2 last babies and it never effected my milk supply. I have 3 issues when I have babies: 1- I have flat nipples 2- I have A LOT of milk in those first weeks, which makes my nipples even flatter and 3- I have small babies with small mouths, which is hard for a mama with large breasts

I was able to wean both of my sons from the shield around 4-5 weeks PP. At that time, my milk production caught up with babies needs and I was able to work with baby and latch them on. I have known many Moms that use the shield for longer and they have no problems, one was for 5 months.

I don't think you HAVE to stop using it and if it's keeping you BFing and baby is growing, well then keep doing what's working! I also had the Medela shields and they were the best for me.

A little trick I learned so it would not be lost is to keep one tucked inside my bra. I'd just rinse it after baby fed and tuck in back in there. I'd use it for the day, then soak it overnight while I used another one during the night. I also kept one in the diaper bag at all times just in case I forgot to take one when we left.

I'm a big fan of the shield and if it works, keep going! Good for you! Pretty soon you won't need it anymore Keep up the good work!
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