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Formerly the "Delete" thread...update at bottom of thread :)

Hi, girls. I see a ton of vax threads. I didn't want to hijack any of those, so I'm starting another.

I have a 3-year-old son. He has approximately five words total to his vocabulary. He has just been labeled PDD. His speech therapist is also throwing around the possibility that he may have apraxia of speech. I can not tell you the heartache this has caused us. I am ready to pull my hair out from the classes and therapies and everything else I spend my entire life taking Colin to, with no results. He has been through EI and is now about to enter the school system for preschool and for speech therapy. He has had speech therapy in one form or another since November of LAST year with NO improvement to vocabulary at all.

We also have a 7-week-old son. (And a 20-year-old, but his immunizations are already done, obviously.)

I just read my 3-year-old's vax records. I didn't even know what they were giving him! I just said "okay." They even vaxed him for Hep A! What the freak??? He had...(drumroll please) TWENTY-FOUR vaxes in his first two years.

I don't even know what some of this crap is. Prevnar? What the hell is that????

They both (the two little ones) go in for checkups on Wednesday and I know the doctor will be hovering with the needle.

So far Evan, the baby, has gotten Hep B.

What should I do? Where do I start? I don't know what to do...probably vax Evan, but wait until he's two. Does that sound reasonable? For Colin it seems like it's too late. What have I done?

Is there anything to be done about reversing the autistic effects of vax? If anybody has any ideas on this, I would love to know. Sorry to ramble.
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