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Re: Vax and my baby

Quick update: I looked up Cali laws for vax. These kids only need (unless an exemption is filed, of course) fourteen vaxes including boosters to enter Kindegarten.

We were in NJ for all but the last two, but the requirments are similar there. I can't believe how many needles my older DS has gotten. The doctor led me to believe that he NEEDED them. I mean as in requirements. I guess I should have listened more carefully. "Schools give you a hard time if your child doesn't have all his shots" is a pretty slimy way to make a parent think that THIS particular shot at any given appointment is a "requirement"---IMHO.

I am going to delay Evan until he's two for further shots, and only get the shots that are absolutely required--unless further research on my part makes me not want them at all. But I think DH would fight me on that. This is all just really upsetting to learn. I hate my New Jersey pediatrician. I feel she led me astray about a million times and let precious months slip by while my son got worse and worse.
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