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Re: Vax and my baby

If you are not comfortable then I would hold off until you have the information you are comfortable with. That is what we did. We did not get pressured by our doctor at all because we chose him and fought to get him because he is the one guy that knows quite about autisim and that is in our family. They don't have enough info to deny that this is the cause, but the don't have enough info to prove it either. Google Dr. Stephanie Cave. She has a really good book on alternatly vaxing (still vaxing, just on a different schedule) I don't know the titile right off the top of my head, but that book probably had the most information in it. We also give vax one at a time! I think we did the first two vaxes three weeks apart and the second two two weeks apart. My DD is 9 months and only has 4 vaxes total for two different things. These were the ones that we sat down with our doc and discussed because we do live in CA and do have risks for certain things. You have to make that decision as a parent, but having the right information and being able to provide that information to the doc helped us. We even brought 3 or 4 books in and asked questions. If you have a college nearby, also getting information through medical journals on the subject is key.
Good luck with your search, but be bold and do what YOU feel is right, not what the doctor pressures you into KWIM?
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