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Re: C-section moms, please help me. :)

Hey mama! I feel your pain!

I just had my third (and final) c-section 10 months ago. I do not have keliod scarring there *however* please read on..

I had laproscopic gallbladder removal and they used "dissolving sutures". I have horrible, large, thick, hard keloid scars where those stitches were used. They never dissolved and I had to cut and remove them myself as the itching drove me INSANE.

My OB explained I was sensitive/allergic to those materials; you may be the same. Demand for any further surgeries that they not use dissolving sutures. Were you sewn or stapled on the outside? Is the itching internal, external, or you cannot tell? I was sewn inside and stapled outside my previous 2 sections, and it caused such horrible adhesions from the scarring inside that it took them 25-35 minutes just to remove the adhesions to deliver my last daughter! Guess what was in the adhesions? The "dissolving stitches" from SEVEN YEARS AGO!

You do not have to "live with this". Document everything, get second and third opinions. If your doctor is blowing you off (and I think it's a red flag that possibly years before your next pregnancy they are saying "your next section) PLEASE GET A NEW DOC. There are ones out there that care, I promise.
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