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Re: Help! Biting!

Well, my 11 mo old ds has been biting off and on for months. I take him off and set him down, and tell him "no biting mama, if you bite you don't get to nurse". It's not working. It is the worst when he is getting teeth in (or they are new) but he's already got 6, and is working on the next two, so there haven't been very many spells where he wasn't teething or sporting some shiny new chompers that he was just dying to try out.

I love him, and I love nursing him, so I put up with the biting, since I can't come up with any good way to get him to stop. I think i've gotten a little less sensitive lately, which helps some. Your dd might be starting to get her 2 yr molars - that may account for the chewing. If that's the case, letting her chew on something cold first to numb up her gums might help.

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