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Re: how would you respond to this question?

Originally Posted by Lasciate
Genuinely curious question - what would be a good way to ask? I've never known how to properly phrase such a question.
I personally dont mind questions, especially from children, but I just dont like those that are asked in a negative manner. I dont want my daughter to feel badly about herself because someone said there was something wrong with her. I tell her everyday she is perfect the way she is!

Oh and thank you to everyone for saying she is beautiful

I think I would prefer someone to ask us something like why is she in a wheelchair? Or people who start to talk to us positively or with a smile I am more forgiving of.

I had a lady in the grocery store not to long ago watching us for a minute, then come up and tell me I have two beautiful children, then ask what is wrong with Celeste. She was an older lady, and seemed genuinly curious, and smiled at both my girls and touched their hair in a grandmotherly way. I had no problem talking to her, just briefly saying she was born with a genetic condition and has some medical issues, and yes, she is very physically limited, but she is also very bright, happy , and has a great sense of humor. To which Celeste always responds with a smile and giggle

To me, I think its all about intent and the way in which someone approaches us that matters.

Thanks for all your responses!
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