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Re: WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

Some people are just twisted in their thinking. They put thier own feelings ,opinions, and emotions BEFORE the health of a baby.
oh, its ok to have breasts poppin out and exposed all over cosmo, glamour, and every other magazine out there, but once breasts are used for thier INTENDED PURPOSE, suddenly breast exposure is all wrong? even gross???? come on! look at the complete idiotcy in all of that! You dont hear of people complaing about THOSE mags..... so whats the real issue here??? Its not about the breasts, its about BREASTFEEDING! I am sure the majority of the complainers are women who have alterier motives and complain just to make themselves feel better, because they didnt or couldnt breastfeed for whatever reason. Just because they couldnt or wouldnt, doesnt mean that we cant! Maybe they feel guilty, and dont like that feeling, I dont know. But it is really messed up. ya know what? they better not go oversees or to another country any time soon, or they will get an eye-full!
Maybe someone can post a link of the baby talk customer email... so we all can say we support the cover?Oh btw.... I hope I didnt offend anybody who formula feeds, that is not my purpose at all, please understand. But its like I have to defend my right to breastfeed all of the time, and its irritating, it shouldnt have to be that way.
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