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Hey Alyssa! (or anyone else that can help lol)

Okay, I bought osme pt's from Sahmto2..tested Wednesday with saved fmu when they got here and got a very faint line RIGHt at the 5 min mark. Waited until this morning (oh, the suspense),,okay, actually used two strips lol, and again got SUPER faint lines, but this time right away, but they are WICKED faint. ou can see it without moving the strip around at all, just looking at it on the counter, but it is so light...I tried to take pics, but my camera resolution is just too crappy I was never like this with testing before, but since we've been having so much trouble ttc#4, I've become a junkie lol

If I were pg, wouldn't the line be getting a bit darker?
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