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Re: Kissaluvs and Proraps?

My KL 0s didn't fit under a newborn prorap, but I don't think that had anything to do with the diaper and everything to do with the fact that my daughter was a little over 9lbs. We use small proraps with our KL 0s and that works fine. However, I ordered mine from nickisdiapers and they were running a deal where if you bought 6 proraps, you got another cover free (or for just a few bucks more if you wanted to upgrade). Well, I got a Bummis super whisper wrap. Unfortunately, I only got one of these. I LOVE this cover...much more than the prorap. When we move up a size, I'll be getting BSSWs.

I think the BSSWs are a few dollars more, so if you're looking to not spend as much on the covers, proraps work fine and do the job. I just prefer the BSSW.

ETA: I re-read your post and think your question was more about the kissaluvs rather than the covers...sorry. Kissaluvs will work with your prorap covers and as long as you don't have a gi-normous baby like me, i think the NB covers will work too.

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