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Re: Hey Alyssa! (or anyone else that can help lol)

Those tests I gave her test 6 days prior to your next period. 20 miUs. The store ones are 25 miu's and up.

So, yeah depending on where you're at you prolly are preggers just a bit early.

I say save a few (if you can) and test in a few days. Or, if you have one a day everyday first thing in the am for the next few days and watch to see if the line gets darker. But, deff don't keep doing them throughout the day cuz the change won't be significant enough to notice. 24 hrs + is best to see a diff don't you think?

I am doing another preg and ovulation test strip co-op here in the next week ladies...this time I have added mid stream tests, prenatal vitamins, fertilitea, and supplements (I think), as well as some other items to help with fertility.

Congrats mama!
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