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Re: how would you respond to this question?

PPl ask me all the time what is wrong with emma.

She is small. and a little anorexic looking... But there is NOTHING wrong with her... Itbugs me....

I just teach my children at every opportunity how to treat ppl. We got to the movies alot and it seems there are special needs day cares there alot, for bouth adults and children. I tach my kids to be respecful, and to watch out for heir feet, when we are leaving the row( becaseu many of them cannot move their feet)
I also teach them about ppl wt. There is a umm, not so skinny girl, 2 doors down, and Sami said one day. that is where the Fat girl lives. I told her it is not nice to say those things,a nd that everyone look different and it is OK, becaseu that is how Heavenly Father made us. She tells me she only called her that becasue she coudlnt rememberher name.. But still, i took it as an opportunity..
I cannot imagine having a child in a wheel chair and having ppl stare. That would bug me... Bt it is something that could teach your communityalot, If you handle it properly....
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