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Re: So what does your DH REALLY know about your CDing addiction?

Originally Posted by rebeccah5
Ummm... I might be in the minority here, but I have my own PP acct and DH has no clue what goes on in there! LOL! He knows that strange dipes keep showing up and then disappearing, but he doesn't ever really say anything about it. I don't really try to hide it from him or anything, but he basically gives me an amount in our budget and as long as I don't go overboard, he really doesn't care.

Plus he knows how those fluffy packages make me smile! He thinks it's "cute".

I'm with you. Have my own PP account, DH has no clue at all. He isn't what I would call "online savvy". Doesn't know even how to do online banking or pay bills that way!! I do it all!!

So he truly has no clue how much I spend on dipes, though he keeps seeing different types on the change table. It's a bad, bad situation. I haven't made any new purchases in almost 4 days - this is truly a miracle. (okay, I'm lying, I have one last one pending...) I literally am stopping myself from peeking in the FSOT because I will buy more pockets. I've had to allot some space in the dressers to make room for the burgeoning diaper stash - well over 100 pieces, I'd say. Ridiculous!!

Soooo, don't let me buy anymore dipes if I get in touch with you!!!
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