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Re: So what does your DH REALLY know about your CDing addiction?

DH has no idea. I would tell him if he asked, but he really doesn't care - I have a "budget" for running the household, and as long as I spend less on cloth than I would on sposies, he's happy.

We sposie'd our twins, and were CONSTANTLY buying diapers - $! So now, he never has to shell out $10 for a pack of dipes when he's picking up milk, and we're happy. I try to sell some when my "container" is too full of fluff . . . he doesn't change dipes often enough to notice what's new and what's not. (He WOULD, but I try to get there first - I really don't mind, and I like laundry done *my* way.)

He's proud of my economical home management. (And he has no idea of my growing addiction . . . NOBODY WARNED ME ABOUT THIS!)
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