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What should I do? sell/trade or keep them?

Ok, I have had 15 month old DD in petite FB since I started CDing in February. They fit ok, but I decided to trade a petite for a medium and I think that I like the fit better on it.

On the petite, she was on the 2nd to largest waist setting and 2nd to tighest leg snap.

On the medium, she was on the same waist setting, and the 2nd to the largest thigh setting.

There has always been a lot of overlap in the back where you couldn't see the elastic waist on the petites. You can see it now on the mediums.

I don't know if I should try to trade them or sell them, or just keep using them since I don't really have any leaking problems or anything. The mediums just look better on her.

Plus, I am thinking that I might not have to make it to larges but I don't know if mediums would get me all the way to PL.
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