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Re: Morning Sickness

I'm sorry mama. I'm with you. I've had 5 (now on 6th and last) sick pregnancies the full 9 mo.
This time what has helped the most is a combo of zofran, benedryl, reglan, and pepcid. I take those 2 times a day (I could 3 but 2 works for me). I still get nausea a lot, and I still puke 1-2 times most days, but at this point (14weeks) with ALL of my others I was still WAY WAY sicker, so I'm counting my blessings.
I agree, bland foods, and a combo of protein and carbs.
Nothing has "cured" mine, but things help. Some days are good, some aren't.
Hugs, I so feel for you. Don't loose hope.
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