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Re: Is it normal...

Christie, you look goregous!

Just remember it's very possible that she's growing up rather than out, kwim? Have you had any ab/muscle stretching? I noticed my ribs were on FIRE for like a week when he was growing up even though he looks the same as he did a handful of weeks in there.

Originally Posted by faerybugmady View Post
First off, you have SUCH a sweet little belly! Gorgeous! But second. ... . . . .ummmmmm. . . . . are those pre-pregnancy jeans? I'm just 20 weeks and I"m a HOUSE compared to you and you are nearly done! Just a teensy bit jealous over here!
Yeah, pre-pregnancy jeans... I transitioned into maternity around 3 months because of discomfort, but he's no longer sitting IN my uterus... so I'm back now to my non-maternity

I wish I was a bit bigger honestly - even though I'm gaining the weight, I've got such a small frame that my back hurts like hell all the time... not to mention I am sick of people looking at me in disbelief that I'm 8 months Or the best comment ever (from my 14 year old sister): "Ashley, omg you have a belly but absolutely no butt!!" And she dies laughing. *sigh*

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll either be huge with one the second time around or end up with twins.
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