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Re: Morning Sickness

forcing my self to eat or drink constantly all day long .. thats all that helped me last time and its all that is helping this time.. and making a point to try not to sneeze, cough, blow my nose, or gag .. those things make it much much worse and usually make me throw up ... when i can't eat for 20-30 mins + i have to brush my teeth ... i brush my teeth like 15 times a day .. this runs the risk of making me gag, but a fresh feeling mouth helps..

eat what you're craving or whatever doesn't sound gross.. for me, smelling lemons works better than eating something lemon/sour .. with my last pregnancy i was a vegetarian and i was craving meat and didn't let myself have it and this time when i crave meat i eat it and i feel SOOO much better.

i've also been told caffeine helps. with my first i gave it up for the 1st trimester, but this time i figure caffeine is better than other drugs and it seems to help to have a couple cokes a day..

getting enough sleep and being active also seems to help me..

hth and hope you feel better soon!
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