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Re: Morning Sickness

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I've had HG with all of them. With my first, they weren't giving Zofran to pregnant women yet, so I took Reglan my entire pregnancy....that and 9 trips to the hospital for IVs were what I survived on. Then with my second, I was put on Zofran @ 7 weeks when I went to the hospital for IVs and had to be kept for 4 days. I took it the remainder of that pregnancy and it was my lifesaver! Now with this one, I started Zofran @ 6 weeks when the vomiting started (because docs know my history) and its been ok so far. I have to take 2 Zofran a day and 1/2 Phenergan pill between meals to keep myself from getting nauteous and able to keep my food down. Ask your doctor about Premesis, the vitamin the other mamas have been discussing. I got put on it a week ago and haven't thrown up since I've been on it!!!!

Like the others said, eat what sounds good, try to stay away from anything that will upset your stomach. I lived off of toast w/butter, oatmeal, instant breakfast, toaster strudel, lots of mac n cheese and rice my first trimester. I'm now in my 15th week and things are SO much better. I eat what I want and sometimes I get nauteous but it normally passes if I lay still.
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