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Re: He said what???!

Originally Posted by Rosella View Post
I am on another board where EVERYONE it seems is putting cereal in their LO's bottles! None of the babies are over 10 weeks old

I finally posted and asked WHY on earth anyone thought this was a good idea? And sure enough, the reply back was 'so they don't eat so much'! WHA????????
People! Gosh! They do that so they don't have to spend money on Formula. If they would breastfeed, they would save money. I have a friend who put cereal in her baby's bottle at 3 days old. I was in complete shock. I always feed my baby's cereal mixed with breastmilk from a spoon. Both my babies started solids at aroud 6-8 months. People just really don't think. It's so frustrating.
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