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Re: He said what???!

Originally Posted by Rosella View Post
I am on another board where EVERYONE it seems is putting cereal in their LO's bottles! None of the babies are over 10 weeks old

I finally posted and asked WHY on earth anyone thought this was a good idea? And sure enough, the reply back was 'so they don't eat so much'! WHA????????
You know, the reason why I don't go to other more "mainstream" message boards is because I find that mamas (and occasionally dads!) on this board are so much more well-informed. The bad advice that I read on those boards drove me crazy, so I just don't go to them anymore.

I can't believe the amount of misinformation that people have, including doctors! Please print this out from and give it to your friend. There are a bunch of links to references from reputable places like the WHO and AAP that you can print out for her as well.
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