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Re: Morning Sickness

Originally Posted by ClothDiaperMePlease View Post
Ok, so I thought my last pregnancy was bad....... I am so sick ALL of the time this go round!! I have lost about 15lbs so far......

Any solutions? I don't want to say what I have tried because maybe you just have a sightly different version.

I do have to say though, Ginger and I do not get along
I hear you on the ginger! I hate the tast If that is what you can't stand there are ginger pills you can take so you can get the benifits w/o the tast. I was sick all day everyday for 5 mo and then it was off and on for the rest of my preg. Lemon and citrus stuff really helped. Green apples, turkey sandwhiches, toast w/ jam, and ice tea was all I could do for a long time. Lolli pops in flavors you can stand help, try "Pregy Pops". Most often you will be advers to foods that are not that good for you anyway (bacon, coffee, etc). Don't try to hold back from puking. If you need to just do it

Good luck mama! Just remember once the baby is out then it is bye bye "morning" sickness!
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