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Re: Morning Sickness

Originally Posted by lombardowa View Post
I was hospitalized 3 times with my last pregnancy for hyperemesis. They put me on promethazine, reglan, zofran, none of them worked. Finally I had 3 days worth of IV steroids and that helped until I started having kidney stones from getting so dehydrated I had 5 kidneystones in the last 4 months of my pregnancy. I guess we all know why I'm not having any more kids
Originally Posted by MyTwoSunshines View Post
This is my 3rd pregnancy and I've had HG with all of them. With my first, they weren't giving Zofran to pregnant women yet, so I took Reglan my entire pregnancy....that and 9 trips to the hospital for IVs were what I survived on. Then with my second, I was put on Zofran @ 7 weeks when I went to the hospital for IVs and had to be kept for 4 days. I took it the remainder of that pregnancy and it was my lifesaver! Now with this one, I started Zofran @ 6 weeks when the vomiting started (because docs know my history) and its been ok so far. I have to take 2 Zofran a day and 1/2 Phenergan pill between meals to keep myself from getting nauteous and able to keep my food down. Ask your doctor about Premesis, the vitamin the other mamas have been discussing. I got put on it a week ago and haven't thrown up since I've been on it!!!!

Like the others said, eat what sounds good, try to stay away from anything that will upset your stomach. I lived off of toast w/butter, oatmeal, instant breakfast, toaster strudel, lots of mac n cheese and rice my first trimester. I'm now in my 15th week and things are SO much better. I eat what I want and sometimes I get nauteous but it normally passes if I lay still.
okay - the two of you make me feel like a champ! that is awful!!!! i need to be thankful for what my pregnancy was. i am going to ask about this premesis prenatal as well - i think i'd try anything to avoid the awfulness.
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