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Re: Do you let your kids watch Disney/Pixar movies?

My girls favorite movies right now are Nanny McPhee, the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Corpse Bride (weird i know).

So far i've only had one problem w/ my 2 y/o picking up things from movies....and that just happened recently. She was saying "die die die" like Mike TV from Willy Wonka. We had a little talk about it and that was that.
Basicly, we're the parents and we decide what we think is appropriate. But also, as long as we're still teaching them what's right from wrong then we're still doing our "job".
Taking our kids out in public is scarier than any movie could be since you never know what you might see and hear.
Laura, 26 y/o SAHM to three little girls...Teryn- 6, Marley- 3, and Emma 18mos.
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